The Man, the Myth, the… Guy with a Blog


Born in 1984, in a small Atlanta suburb, and currently residing in Mobile, Alabama,  I began writing creatively in middle school, and completed my first short story my senior year of high school as a submission for a college scholarship contest.

The story that was penned for that contest, Carnal Fear, was a seventeen page draft that later became the opening chapters of my first novella, Dreams from a State of Suspended Sleep. Later that year, I completed a second novella, a mafioso tale entitled Family Business.

After a six year hiatus, and the birth of my first daughter in late 2009, I turned my attention back to writing, began working to refine my first two stories, and brainstorming on my next works: Dominion and Homecoming.

Now, as my attention, time, and inspiration allows, I work on multiple projects simultaneously, in hopes that one or more sees publication within the next year.

This blog is my attempt to alleviate the serious case of writer’s block that I’ve had over the last year, while sharing my work and thoughts.