Top 5 New Years Resolutions I’m probably going to break this year

And, I’m back… been a bit since I’ve written any new posts. Or any new material period for that matter. For those of you who missed my last post (cough*everyone*cough), you can get caught up on my NaNoWriMo progress, or sadly, the lack thereof, here. However, I learned a pretty important lesson with that post — that the timing of one’s blog posts is a MAJOR factor. Posting  pretty much any time imaginable > posting on a holiday night (i.e. Thanksgiving). Apparently, after all the turkey and in-laws, no one wants to spend time reading on the interwebs.

For those of you who are as A.D.D. as myself, or hate clicking links, here are the highlights of said post… I got a new job, which is both considerably more challenging than my former position, and also much farther away, resulting in nearly double my time on the road each day. So needless to say, between the two, I’ve been pretty mentally drained getting home every evening. Now that my training has tapered off, and I’ve grown used to the daily grind, and the holidays are over and done with (thank God!) I can finally sit down and breath at the end of the day, and not pass out at nine o’clock every night.

Now to play catch up… Christmas was good, the little ones filled our living room with shredded wrapping paper, and all things pink that are associated with Barbie. Seriously, the living room looked like the inside of a Pepto-Bismol bottle.

Seriously, my house looked like this.

Seriously, my house looked like this.

Thankfully though, due to a nearly forgotten order for a Hot Wheels Speedology classroom kit (which we got completely free, by the way, since the kiddos are homeschooled), we were able to break up the pink a little. Our oldest was absolutely stoked about this (which could’ve saved us a lot of money if we’d only known…). For some reason, she’s been fascinated with Team Hot Wheels Build the Epic Race on Netflix. And ever since Christmas, bright orange tracks have connected every corner of our house. What started with a simple drop from the mantle over our fireplace, and ran along the floor has evolved into a multi-room experiment to see A) how fast they can get the cars to go, and B) how many tricks they can perform before crashing violently into something they’re not supposed to. They’ve got jumps, loop-de-loops, free falls, high-speed banks… it’s pretty damn impressive to be honest. And being a car guy, I’m a proud papa to say the least.

Christmas for me however, was somewhat overshadowed by something else. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The wifey managed to swing tickets at the last minute, and (proudly?) accompanied me to the first Star Wars movie either of us have ever seen in a theater. And I’ll skip the review/spoilers, as that information is widely available EVERYWHERE by this point. I’ll just say, that shit was epic. And I’m impressed with my wife’s attentiveness during the movie… We both went into it assuming she’d be glued to her phone throughout the entire film. But she was not. She was quite into the movie. And believe it or not – she actually enjoyed it! Gasp! She’s even discussed the movie with at length, multiple times since having seen it. And I’m not gonna lie, I get a little nerd wood every time. Because she’s awesome, and hot, and now even though she won’t admit that she’s letting her nerd flag fly, I can see it slipping out. Now if only I could get her into that Slave Leia costume…


Mmmm….. The force is strong with this one

So here we are. It’s been a new year for a few days now. It’s that time of year where everyone’s making and breaking resolutions. So I figured I’d list some of mine, including those I’ve either already broken, or plan to break soon… because, really, who cares?

  1. Lose weight – I know, pretty generic. Everyone vows to lose weight every year, and by February, all the gym equipment and gear is on sale, because everyone’s already flaked out. I’m not really gonna change that much for this. I’d started doing a bit of weight training a few months back, and watching more of what I eat, trying to make better decisions on what I’m actually eating. No fatty, you don’t need to eat that entire pack of oreos or that six pack of Cokes. Try an apple instead. And chug a bottle of water. And after Thanksgiving, I found an UP Move activity tracker on clearance for a whopping $15, to help me track my walking. So far it’s actually been working, between the food (more salad, less shit) and the 1-3 miles of walking each day, I’ve managed to drop about 20 pounds already. So yeah, gonna keep on keepin’ on and see where that gets me.
  2. Write more – This one should be obvious. I missed my NaNoWriMo deadline, beat myself up over that for a while, haven’t posted on here in over a month and then ended up missing the next deadline that I’d given myself (January 1st). I swear I’m gonna finish a damn novel soon. I’m already half-way through 2 or 3 different projects, and I just need to make myself stick with a writing plan, much like the 1,667 words per day with NaNoWriMo, and do the damn thing. Even if I have to (God forbid) make myself create and use an outline, I’m going to finish something! I’ve got too many unfinished, good stories, to just let them sit and gather dust. Though with this blog, I’ve started feeding in some of my older random writing, including several short stories or unfinished snippets of stories. Feel free to check those out here.
  3. Be a better dad and husband – {sigh} Shit, this one’s gonna be hard. More patience with the kids, more attentive to the wife. Less grumbly. Hmm, we’ll see about this one.
  4. Not live paycheck to paycheck – digging out of a hole is never fun, but we’re doing what we can. Hopefully by the end of this year, I’d like to have a little bit saved up. Would be nice to take these kids to Disney before they’re teenagers. Though, I’d be happy with just having all the bills paid, and still having a little cash at the end of the day at this point. The new job has helped a good bit, so this one might actually be more doable than in past years.
  5. Get my cars fixed or get a new one – yeah, this one seems kind of counter-productive to the previous one. But as many miles as I’m gonna be racking up driving back and forth every day, I’m gonna need something reliable. And since both of my cars are Volkswagens, which are notoriously unreliable, I’m already at a disadvantage there. My ’04 GTI needs a timing belt. My ‘01.5 Passat needs a heater core (which I found out at 38 degrees this morning) and a transmission flush, along with a never ending list of electrical gremlins that need to be tackled – switches and lights that don’t work, a driver’s side window that won’t roll down, and a sensor or two… and hell, while we’re at it, oil changes all around. Luckily, I’m pretty handy with cars, or can find DIY instructions in the forums over at VWVortex or PassatWorld to do most jobs. And as a founding member and admin of a local Euro car club, I have 230+ friends and fellow enthusiasts I can ask for help. So not having to throw the car(s) in the shop saves money. And saving money is the name of the game.

There we have it… my quasi-resolutions. A lot of continuing what I’ve been trying to do better, and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of things. So we’ll see, maybe 2016 will be the year for me.

And worst case scenario, there’s always next year! Happy 201516!


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