Adding this as a hub for anyone interested in my fiction-writing to find more of my nonsense.

I’ll be adding these short stories (and shorter stories) that I’ve pecked out over the years, that for one reason or another never evolved further… Leave me a comment & let me know what you think!

**Update** I’ve added links to each page to download a PDF copy of each story, so feel free to download and read on the go!

Reapers [2011] – A little snippet about the modern-day descendant of the legendary River Styx ferryman

Homecoming [2012] – This opening chapter delves into aliens, conspiracy theories, and men in black suits. Does it get more Sci-Fi than this?!

Inside Voices [2012] – A boy is tormented his entire life by a vengeful spirit. But discovering why could destroy him.

Broken World – The Guardian’s Legacy [2013] – Their world is not unlike our own. Technology, politics, corruption, pollution, and crime plague society today just as much as it did a hundred years ago. The year is 2112- a hundred years after the world was supposed to end. The Mayans were wrong. Nostradamus was wrong. The end of the world didn’t come as some great natural disaster, solar storms, or even nuclear fallout. It was greed… our innate desire as a race to succeed, and one-up our fellow man, that brought upon the near destruction of the world as we know it.

Yet for Elyk Ramsey and his partner Deuce Greaves – two career criminals, who continue to make a living from the same greed that crippled their society – the world is no more different now than it once was. Accept a job. Complete the tasks required of you. Get paid.

 This is the tale of a thief and an assassin in a broken world.



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